Terms & Conditions


The customer acknowledges, prior to booking, being aware of all the above mentioned information and the measuring device of the present general conditions. It also recognises, having the capacity to conclude the present contract.


The present contract is a distance one which aims to define the rights and the obligations of the parties in the frame of the travel booking
(lodging or program) for stays and/or circuits, transport and other services, that are online proposed by the travel agency The Sandy Tents for clients, with the secured payment system’s competition in collaboration with Maroc telecommerce and IMC to secure the means of payment and the client’s information.


Throughout the contract, each of the above mentioned expressions have the meaning of its definition, namely « Distance contract » : sets the definition of the firm booking and the deposit remote payment by the client in favour of The Sandy Tents company which, for this contract, exclusively uses the internet network and the security measures of the online payment SYSTEME as governed by the legal dispositions currently applied in Morocco, until concluding the contract (arrival and stay of the client), including the conclusion of the present contract. « Client » : every natural person, who acts for purposes that do not fall within his/her professional activity frame.

« Order form » a document that indicates the benifits caracteristics’ reserved by the client that he has to sign by a « double click » for a commitment and involve the deposit payment. « Order or reservation » : an act by which the client is engaged to buy the benefit of the stay or circuit and/or transport and the travel agency The Sandy Tents  is engaged to provide the booked benefits. « Product » : the benefit proposed by the travel agency The Sandy Tents .
« Double click » : reiteration of the order form’s validity by the client.
The filed in and validated order form for the first time is never taken into consideration without the client’s confirmation that has to click on the button « confirm your booking by clicking on validate ».


The benefit will be provided on the arrival day of the client as intended by the confirmed booking on the web site The Sandy Tents .


The mentioned prices on the electronic catalogue of the travel agency The Sandy Tents  are indicated in Euros with all the included taxes. 

The invoiced prices are those in effect during the booking time : they are taking into consideration the applicable VAT’s day. 

The total amount to pay will automatically includes the other eventual official taxes and the bank fees applicable on the transaction.


The client is guarateeing to the Acommodation The Sandy Tents that he disposes of the necessary eventual autorisations to use his suitable payment method, while the order form validation. 

The client chooses the payment method among thoses proposed by The Sandy Tents  in the order form (credit cards icon). 

The communication of the information related to the payments via card are done throughout secured means and particularly having resort to the cryptography (secured payment service assumed by Maroc Telecommerce SYSTEM authorisd by The Sandy Tents .

In case the payment was by card, the respective dispositions of the fraudulent use of teh payment method planned in the concluded conventions between the consumer and the issuer of his card, also as well as between The Sandy Tents  and his applied bank establishment.


The client regulates a deposit of (50% of the total stay, non reimbursed) via the intermediate of the payment system secured in the website www.thesandytents.com. The « electronique receipt» that displayed on the screen after validation of the booking by the
client constitutes a waybill receipt until the conclusion of the transaction and the bank account credit of The Sandy Tents The confirmation form of the booking will indicate the amount of the payable balance on the spot in the establishment where the booking has been performed by the person in charge of the Accommodation The Sandy Tents .


In case of modification, cancellation by the client ( or the « No-Show » of the client), the card will be automatically debited as follow (via the intermediary of the online payment secured system) : 

* From 90 until 30 days before the arrival date : 30% of the stay balance
* From 30 until 20 days before the arrival date : 50% of the stay balance
* Less than 20 days before the arrival date : 100% of the staybalance


If a modification of the initial booking has to be performed by The Sandy Tents , this one is engaged to propose to the client an upper categorization without the fees of the confirmed establuchments during the confirmation without increasing the price which has been initially invoiced.


The information asked to the client during his booking are necessary to the processing of his order and are communicated to the agency in a secured method : the client has the right to access and rectify the respective data.


The « click » associated to the booking, payment, and non repudation procedure and the one of the whole messages that constitute an
electronic signature. This signature has a value between the parties as a manual signature, and implies the client agreement with the
general conditions of booking and stay or circuit.


The storage of the booking’s orders, receipts and invoices is carried out over a reliable support so that to correspond it to a faithful and
sustainable copy. It is performed conforming to the standard norms about the conception and the exploitation of the data processing
systems so that to insure the preservation and the integrity of the recordings stored in those sytems.


In case a dispute takes place in the present contractual agreement, the sides are committed to look for a friendly agreement before any court action. The actual contract is subject to Moroccan law. Any dispute will be subject of the authorized court of Marrakech.


The travel agency The Sandy Tents in Morocco is not required to execute its duties only in case of any major force event is considered to be an
obstacle to the mentioned duties.